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What Xtreme Growth Partners will do for your company

Your company has its act together. You have weathered the downturn intact. You want to grow now but are not sure where to bet your less than unlimited opportunity cost. Your top management is totally committed to innovative growth (this is a must). Now what do you do, exactly? Bet the future on it?

This is the FUZZY FRONT END!

The answer is simply the Idea Sheet®  Process. Xtreme Growth Partners will lead your team in a rapid process to focus the fuzzy front end into exactly what will sell. This can be done in a 4 HOUR MEETING, with your team, and follow on with your Innovation Manager (NINJA). You will be comfortable that you are working on what will sell.

If you ask your customer “what can we do for you?” The answer will inevitably be “a lower price and a cup of coffee”
No one knows your products and markets like you and your people do. Xtreme Growth Partners will lead you to never before obtained clarity, to find out what it is that we do not know, quickly, simply and in your terms. Then, modify, verify and DO IT.

There have been lots of articles and books written on the development process, all fine and good. ISO and TS16949 type processes are excellent and your people know how to do the job, but how do you know that you are working on new products that will sell?

Browse this website and find all the info you need on new product development, the product life cycle and the fuzzy front end, and be sure to check out the fuzzy front end book, "Focus for the Fuzzy Front End of Product Development."

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