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About Xtreme Growth Partners

XGP, Exceptional Growth Partners, is led by a highly accomplished and analytical TOP BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE.   

Focus for the Fuzzy Front End of Development, (what to work on?) has, recently been the forte.  The goal is to help competent organizations find the right direction to grow their business exceptionally.  This is now chronicled in a book providing clarity and insight into the Idea Sheet Process, from work with nearly 100 businesses. 


Accomplishments include a proven track record of achievement in new product development, group and general management, operations management, process analysis, sales, marketing and transformational leadership.   XGP has a network of design, manufacturing, process and graphics experts built up over years of varied assignments. To this is added the keen focus to quickly understand issues both technical and commercial and cut to the chase as soon as possible; thus optimizing opportunity cost and providing quick ROI.

  • XGP coordinates the creation of innovative technologies to increase an organization’s offerings in the marketplace.
  •  XGP helps to realign businesses to realize increased performance and profitability. 
  •  XGP helps to secure a corporation’s place as an industry leader. 
  • New Business Development
  • Product Innovation and Development
  • Manufacturing optimization
  • Maximize the chosen business Niche and its Moat

Experience does not tell you what to do, it tells you what not to do.

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