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The perspective of customer need, looking inward in our company (talking amongst ourselves), no matter what process is used, will not readily lead to the desired growth
If customers are asked what it is they need, the customer will be guessing.   If, however, yourcustomer is engaged, with Idea Sheets®, detailing Ideas generated with their business in mind, the answers can be amazing.  

Your customer’s no, and yes, will clear everyone’s thinking.   A probable answer is: “what I really would buy”, these answers are actionable.

Great customer meetings don’t happen by chance.  The Idea Sheet® Process provides “Thoughts” fleshed into “Ideas” customers want.

Having managed “Global Product Development Centers” for two Fortune 100 Companies, (while also responsible for a group of operating divisions) over the last 20 years, I have a unique perspective on innovation, the Idea Sheet® process  which I have outlined in “Focus for the Fuzzy Front End of Product Development”, Amazon.com.

My Global Product Development groups were successful and generated many patented products.  This growth from within meets customer needs.   My name is on 70+ U.S. patents.  Nearly all include the name of a collaborating member of an operating business unit.  

I am asking to be your organization’s Catalyst.  The best way to boost your innovation culture is the Idea Sheet® Process!  Get everyone in the organization, who can contribute, involved. 

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