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XGP Offers These New Product Development Services:

Both one day time commitments which will change your business!
  • Lead your company’s Idea Sheet Meeting
    • XGP will lead your people in an Idea Sheet Meeting at your facility, quickly identify many, possibly patentable, business growth Ideas, from your team
  • Your best thinkers, 8 to 12, will generate Ideas and learn how to grow your business and do it quickly
  • Participants from many perspectives, Manufacturing, Management, sales, and engineering
  • Learn how to choose the Valued Customers
  • Establish your action plan
  • Train Your Company’s Idea Sheet Leaders; Idea Sheet Leadership training.
    • The best way to learn and appreciate the Idea Sheet Process is to participate in an Idea Sheet Meeting
    • For those wanting to learn and bring the process back to their company, XGP hosts Idea Sheet Meeting training Trained Leaders will  return to their company, and run Idea Sheet Meetings for your business
    • Idea Sheet leadership training is a one day commitment one person (preferably two )
    • A group of 12 (maximum) people from various businesses are trained, by participation in an Idea Sheet Meeting, led by XGP (mutual confidentially assured in writing)
    • Participants in the Idea Sheet leadership training will be from different companies. The entire group will focus on business growth thoughts from each business, compiling them into Idea Sheets before mid-afternoon.
    • For confidentiality, no direct competitors will be scheduled in the same Idea Sheet Leadership training meeting.
    • This format provides a  very broad perspective for each  thought as it develops into an idea with a complete Idea Sheet created.
    • A copy of the book Focus for the Fuzzy Front End of Product Development will be  included for each participant in the Idea Sheet Leadership training
    • Breakfast, Lunch and Cocktails included 8AM to 5PM will be provided. 
    • Several fine venues are used in each region of the nation.  Chicago, Naples, San Diego and Hartford

Experience does not tell you what to do, it tells you what not to do.

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