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Post-Investment / Acquisition Idea Sheet® Meetings

The collective knowledge of the incumbent management of a partially or fully acquired company is a valuable resource for rapid growth.  This is a given, but, may not be quickly identified and understood, as the initial interfaces with management are top down.  People may be apprehensive and guarded waiting to find out the plan for them within the company.

An Idea Sheet® Meeting, led by me (Xtreme Growth Partners), a friendly non intimidating leader, will bring thoughts for business growth from the good guys you have chosen to retain.  This group will be the contributors who have brought the business to the level that has made it a desirable acquisition.   These peoples’ thoughts, as Idea Sheets®, will bring the collective knowledge of the company into a consistent format and clear focus. Now all may focus immediate attention on vetting Idea Sheets® with customers and launching the next big thing. 
Ongoing projects will have clear focus for the entire organization, and be easily understood by customers.  From the Idea Sheet® meeting, growth initiatives not previously known will emerge and be ready for customer input.

The Idea Sheet® is the perfect immediate post acquisition tool and new culture catalyst.  All including management will be brought together focused on common goals.  As Idea Sheets® become part of the culture, communication is vastly improved at all levels.  With the Idea Sheet® Process, management will be able to allocate “opportunity cost” for maximum return.

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