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Upcoming Idea Sheet® Leadership Trainings

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Xtreme Growth Partners offers two opportunities for you to incorporate this proven growth strategy into your corporate culture:

Xtreme Growth Partners will lead an Idea Sheet® meeting in your facility with your people. 

  • This is for larger established businesses.
  • Day one, a visit to your facility to become familiar with your operation and capabilities
  • A casual dinner with key members of your team
  • Day two, Idea Sheet®  Meeting begins at 8:00AM
  • Multiple Idea Sheet® s created with Ideas that your team likes
  • Ongoing, as much coaching of your team as you require

Xtreme Growth Partners offers a one day Idea Sheet® Leadership Training:

  • An Idea Sheet®  Meeting with individuals from various businesses
  • No direct competitors, confidentiality assured  
  • Small group 12 people maximum
  • Each brings their thoughts and projects for growth to share
  • Each participant’s thoughts will be worked into Idea Sheet® s
  • The group contributes with no ownership expected
  • Each learns how the process works
  • Each can incorporate the Idea Sheet®  Process to their culture
  • Each receives a copy of “Focus for the Fuzzy Front End of Product Development
  • Meetings begin at 7:30 AM
  • Breakfast, and Lunch
  • Meeting adjourns around 4:00PM


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