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There is the baseball season, Christmas season, the summer season, the budget season, now the Idea Sheet® season is a period for enabling extreme growth in your business unit annually! Let’s get it done!

An Idea Sheet® season is the Complete Idea Sheet® Process *

XGP Partner leads your Idea Sheet® meeting at location of your choosing.

  • Initial discussion: participants for the meeting and leaders, strategy and goals with metrics.
  • First day: meet with management, visit facility and/or review business status.
  • Second day: conduct Idea Sheet® meeting in four hour format (or as required) complete rough sheets. Lead a second meeting to define the valued customers and plan approach and timing.

XGP Partner, reviews Idea Sheet® s with leader(s) to clean up for presentation on a second visit or remotely (Skype).

  • Build simple yet complete Idea Sheet® s for presentation.
  • Each Idea Sheet® covers a discrete Idea for clarity with the valued customer.
  • Complete all Idea Sheet® s within three weeks of Idea Sheet® meeting.

XGP Partner will accompany your leader(s) on the valued customer visit(s) as required.

  • Lead evaluation of input
  • Revise Idea Sheet® s after each meeting with new input
  • Revisit valued customers as necessary.

XGP Partner, lead final review for the Idea Sheet® season with management

The full Idea Sheet® season is offered assuming seven business days focused on your business growth. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
*An Idea Shee® season is the complete process, with metrics. A season includes the Idea Sheet® meeting, followed by preparation for and completion of valued customer meetings. Start at long range plan time and be finalized by late fall for budget review. For those with existing Idea Sheet® s needing valued customer input, the second half, may be what is needed to get the growth rolling. Update the Idea Sheet® s and meet with valued customers.



XGPFor this service, the Principal, plus selected designers, experts and suppliers as needed, will generate alternative concepts and, if requested, designs.

This is per your definition of the issue, problem, and parameters.  Specifications and alternatives are per your definition and discussion.  XGP will widen and deepen your choice matrix.

Idea Sheet® s showing the Ideas for Valued Customer review are the output.  Simplicity, low cost, ease of manufacturing, shipping and customer acceptance will be driven by a highly experienced team. 

Design concept (s)

  • Deliverable format is Idea Sheet® (s)
  • One day (minimum) sketches on Idea Sheet®  with Attributes, Specifications, Alternatives

Design Concept(s) in CAD

  • Solid model and PPT your designer
  • Solid model and PPT XGP designer
  • Design with drawings for prototype

Business and Commercial concepts

  • A new perspective for your growth
  • Generated form knowledge and experience
  • Written outline and PPT

*A retainer is required.  Rate is plus expenses for travel if necessary.  Rates may vary by assignment as agreed.



XGP will lead your people in an Idea Sheet®  Meeting at your facility; to quickly identify many, possibly patentable, business growth Ideas, from your team, some new to the world.

Background information and quick web review prior to the meeting

Day one:  Travel and arrival, followed by a company familiarization tour, then an informal dinner with management.

Day two:  8 AM Idea Sheet® meeting involving your best thinkers, 8 to 12 people.  Generate ideas to grow your business and do it quickly.

By including participants from many perspectives, manufacturing, management, sales, and engineering, all will bring their enthusiasm and thoughts for growth, tailored to your needs.

Learn how to choose the Valued Customers and plan the valued customer visits
Establish your action plan

XGP Idea Sheet Leadership training; the best way to learn and appreciate the Idea Sheet Process is to participate in an Idea Sheet Meeting. For those wanting to learn and bring the process back to their company, XGP hosts Idea Sheet Meeting training Trained Leaders will  return to their company, and run Idea Sheet Meetings for your business

Idea Sheet leadership training is a one day commitment one person (preferably two)

A group of 12 (maximum) people from various businesses are trained, by participation in an Idea Sheet Meeting, led by XGP (mutual confidentially assured in writing)

Participants in the Idea Sheet leadership training will be from different companies. The entire group will focus on business growth thoughts from each business, compiling them into Idea Sheets before mid-afternoon.

For confidentiality, no direct competitors will be scheduled in the same Idea Sheet Leadership training meeting.

This format provides a very broad perspective for each thought as it develops into an idea with a complete Idea Sheet created. A copy of the book Focus for the Fuzzy Front End of Product Development will be included for each participant in the Idea Sheet Leadership training
Breakfast at 8AM, Lunch and Cocktails at 5PM will be provided. 

Several fine venues are used in each region of the nation.  Chicago, Naples, San Diego and Hartford

XGP will widen and deepen your choice matrix on specific issues from part design to commercialization.

Concepts of parts for specific functions, assembly, and manufacturing issues with alternatives will be generated quickly. 

Business and commercial concepts will also be generated quickly.

The goal is to provide you a new perspective.

  • New perspective(s) for your growth generated form knowledge and experience
  • XGP will generate alternatives, concepts and designs per your definition of the issue, problem, and parameters. 
  • Specifications and alternatives per your definition and discussion, attributes defined clearly.  
  • XGP Principal, plus selected designers, experts and suppliers will be involved as needed.
  • Deliverables include Idea Sheet™ s showing the Ideas for Valued Customer review. 
  • Simplicity, low cost, ease of manufacturing, shipping and customer acceptance all will be considered by a highly experienced team. 
  • XGP will continue to develop the concept(s) into designs as requested
  • Each assignment will be quoted specifically after discussion.   A retainer is required, one day as a focus minimum.


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